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FSN WIGS INC. stylist design a biggest wig in the world. The wigs name is “goddess wig” which the wigs size base on statue of liberty head size.

US market is the biggest wigs consumer market in the world. Almost Each women and girl have their wigs in this day and age, In order to show the female fascination, FSN wigs stylist design a special wig, First, the wig size is the biggest of the world, It will broken the current Guinness World Records. Second, the wig is pure handmade, and it will be use different hand tied technology( silk part, lace part, single knot, double knot, rdsk, skin, v-loop,single jewish knot and so on.) These hand tied technology stand for wigs industry evolution of technology. Third, the wig use pure human hair( part of European hair, part of Asia hair, Chinese Hair, Indian hair, and so on).
Current wigs Guinness World Records:  The widest wig is 2.23 m (7 ft 4 in) wide, 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in) high. Strictly speaking, the size is not proportional amplification, it is not like a wig.
Statue of liberty head size is Ear to ear thickness is 3.05m, we design the goddess wig base on the Statue of liberty size.
The goddess wig Circumference is 11.43m
Front to nape is 7.37m
Ear to ear across forehead is 5.85m
Ear to ear over top 6.35m
Temple to temple round back is 7.37m
Nape of neck is 2.81m
Ear to ear thickness is 3.05m
Surface area is about 48.50 square meter
Because of we use pure human hair, the wig style is short style.
For the hair color, We will follow the fundraiser advice.
The project is start from 2020.11.11, we hope we can finish the project within 2 years. The project budget is about $290,000, there are about 4858 module part assign different workers, we will print the fundraiser name or company name on the inner base of the wig.
When we finish the wig, we will organize the auction, the auction proceeds will be donate Cancer society. We hope FSN is not only a company, we hope we can do more things for programs for public good.
We will public the project fundraiser list base on the project schedule.
We split 4858 module part for the goddess wig, Each module size is 10cm x 10 cm, We will print the fundraiser name on the inner base. You can donate through the link, can also mail us and transfer our exclusive account.
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